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B2B Search Engine Marketing

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Today, 93% of all buying cycles start with a search online. And of these, 88% of buyers will find you through organic search, the kind of search results that don’t require that you spend money on Google Adwords or the equivalent.

This makes it essential that you focus on making your website easy to find. B2B Search Engine marketing is the process of improving the ability for people to find your website through search engines through organic search results that help boost your website’s search engine visibility, drive visitors and generate leads.  Results that happen without you having to pay to place ads.

Though you may think of search marketing as search engine optimization (SEO), the practice in fact casts a much wider net.

As webmasters, browsers and web engineers have become more sophisticated, so have the algorithms that Google and other search engines use to determine site rankings and relevancy for keyword searches. In fact, these algorithms are regularly updated, and are increasingly placing more emphasis on details that have little to do with traditional SEO, such as:

  • Content quality
  • Author and brand expertise
  • Credibility and authenticity of inbound links
  • Site trustworthiness and ease of use
  • Page load time
  • Social media signals

In addition, sound B2B search engine marketing strategies account for user queries outside of traditional search engines. For example, how well your brand and its content can be found on social networks, online review sites, video databases, maps and more.

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