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Landing Pages

Landing pages has a very specific purpose – to capture a sales lead.

As such it requires a specific approach based on best practices in inbound marketing in its design layout, content and function. The key components of a great landing pages are;

  • A clear customer offerLanding Pages
  • Value-added content in the body copy
  • Valued piece of content
  • Easy to complete form
  • Should pass the “Blink Test”
  • Contain an image
  • Redirect to a thank you page

Creating a great landing page is a critical step in the conversion funnel for B2B marketers. By viewing the page as a speed bump in the conversion process rather than an information dump, you’ll find users will be inclined to move onto the next step and they’ll do so, because there is less friction.  In addition, you’ll be able to attach ROI measurements to your various marketing campaigns.  As you test and refine your campaigns, this insight into their net values will enable you to become more efficient and effective at driving down costs per acquired customer.

Get landing pages that actually generate leads!