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CTI is one of the top Travel Management Companies in the UK.   CTI offers a full travel management service, or a bespoke service where you can mix and match the services as required. The individual travel divisions offer flights, hotels, meetings and events and rail all of which can be delivered either online or offline. They also have divisions specialising in marine travel and sports travel. 


The Challenge

Back in 2013, Rebecca Mittens, CTI’s head of meetings, events and group accommodation, was looking to recruit a coach hire company, and transfer solution, that could understand their business requirements. They were looking for was a coach hire company that was on the same wavelength as them, a corporate-focused, professional set up with dedicated account managers and a quality driven service. It is easy to find a coach to hire these days, it is harder to find a company that will work with you to ensure the best service at all times.  Rebecca knows she has found that with CMAC.


“CMAC got it straight away and there was no doubt they were exactly what we were looking for.”

Rebecca Mittens, Head of Meetings, CTI


The Solution

When you work on the scale that a company like CTI does you need to know that the coach hire company you use can cope with the demand.  At a recent conference, Rebecca needed twenty coaches.  Not a problem for CMAC, with over 4,000 vetted and approved operators at their fingertips. In addition to supplying the coaches CMAC also provided co-ordination staff, something that proved to be a pretty invaluable part of the service for Rebecca.  The co-ordination staff were her ears on the ground,  updating her if any of the delegates were running late, or if the traffic was particularly bad, so that she could manage things accordingly.  When you are hosting a meeting for that many people, time is at a premium.  Not having to spend it checking traffic reports herself was instrumental in the overall success of the event for Rebecca.  Using the coordinators and the online tracker to monitor all the coaches, Rebecca truly felt in control of an operation, which could otherwise have been hard to manage.

When you are a travel company organising a huge event, you have to get the travel part right. On an everyday basis, and when occasional unavoidable circumstances like breakdowns occur, CMAC's extensive operator network means that vehicles and drivers can readily be rallied as required. This aspect of their business is what makes the partnership between CTI and CMAC so successful. Going forward, the close working relationship CMAC has formed with CTI is only set to continue as they consistently exceed expectations. 


"Service and delivery is spot on each and every time, the relationship and understanding is strong."

Rebecca Mittens, Head of Meetings, CTI


"At CMAC we work hard to understand the specific needs of each customer. We offer them the reassurance that when they call with a requirement we will do everything we can to meet and exceed their expectations. Hopefully CTI's experience proves our commitment to going the extra mile."

Ashley Seed, CMAC


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