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6 benefits to offering an employee shuttle service

Posted Oct 24, 2023

Employee shuttle service

In today's competitive job market, companies are constantly looking for ways to attract and retain top talent. One often overlooked but highly effective perk is providing an employee shuttle service. This offers numerous benefits for both employees and employers.

In this blog, we’ll uncover the range of benefits an employee shuttle service can bring to your company, from happier employees to a greener footprint.

Why offering an employee shuttle service will benefit your business

Offering an employee shuttle service provides multiple benefits to your company and its employees. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Improving the commuting experience

Shuttle bus services offer a convenient commuting option for employees, alleviating the challenges of navigating traffic, searching for parking, and relying on public transportation.

An organised shuttle service can also provide a safe option for your employees who may be travelling through the early morning or late at night as it eliminates the necessity to use public transportation or walk in poorly lit areas during these hours, thereby prioritising your employees' safety.

  • Employee retention and recruitment

Offering a shuttle service can be an attractive perk for potential employees and can help in retaining existing staff.

Offering a shuttle service can show a company's commitment to its employee's safety and financial well-being, whilst improving their work-life balance by having a convenient transport service. A happy workforce can forge a healthy working culture which will contribute to employee retention and recruitment.

  • Increased productivity

With a shuttle service, employees can use their commuting time more effectively. They can catch up on work, read, or relax, leading to increased productivity and reduced stress. This also creates a better work-life balance and fewer transport-related issues. All of this can improve overall job satisfaction and can reduce burnout in employees.

  • Time savings

Shuttle services often have designated routes and stops which can be more time-efficient compared to public transportation or personal commuting.

Public transportation usually has numerous stops and delays, whereas shuttle services can take employees from their homes to the workplace in the shortest possible time. This can help employees arrive at work on time and spend less time commuting and more time at work. This reliability enhances overall productivity and job satisfaction whilst reducing stress associated with commuting.

  • Environmental impact

Offering an employee shuttle service promotes an eco-friendly way of commuting. By decreasing road congestion and reducing the number of vehicles on the road, your business can contribute to reducing carbon emissions and help you to obtain your sustainability targets.

  • Positive company image

Offering a shuttle service reflects positively on your company’s commitment to employee welfare and its environmental impact. It can help build a positive company culture and reputation in the eyes of both employees and the public.

When employees are happy with a company, they will become advocates for their employers. Taking the initiative to know what your employees' need will help your company grow.


In the world of ground transportation, CMAC is your ideal partner for shuttle services.

Whether you have one site or many, CMAC has a vast range of trusted suppliers who we use to transport your staff safely and efficiently. We’re equipped to manage shuttle services with our advanced booking platform that puts you in control. It allows you to adjust bookings, access reports, and oversee costs in real life. We deliver a full-managed service as CMAC’s expert team monitors every vehicle, night and day, to ensure your staff are picked up on time and from the correct locations.

If you would like to learn more about how CMAC can help you, get in touch today at

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