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Introducing our latest business travel report:

Navigating business travel with confidence: Ensuring safety, security, and duty of care for your business travellers.

Discover the key insights and expert recommendations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your employees during business travel.

Our recently released report delves into the critical aspects of mitigating risks and creating a secure travel environment for your workforce.

The report offers valuable insights into best practices, actionable strategies and cutting- edge technologies that can enhance your duty of care measures.

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Key highlights of this report:

  • Independent sourcing and safety risks:

    The data indicates that 50% of business travellers independently source their own taxis, often without the review or guidance of their organisation.

    This poses potential safety risks, as the quality and reliability of independent taxi providers can vary significantly. By implementing a fully managed taxi solution, businesses can exercise greater control over the selection of reputable and reliable taxi suppliers, thereby mitigating safety concerns and ensuring consistent standards of service

  • Approximately 46% of business travellers use local private hire companies or taxi ranks

    While these options may be convenient, they still require careful monitoring. By implementing a fully managed solution, businesses can establish partnerships or preferred arrangements with taxi providers. This allows for better control over the quality of vehicles, driver training, and adherence to safety regulations, reducing the potential risks associated with unfamiliar or unverified taxi services.

  • Frequent solo travel:

    The data reveals that 40% of respondents travel alone for business on every trip.

    This underscores the importance of closely monitoring their taxi journeys. By utilising technology and personnel to track and monitor trips, businesses can ensure that employees reach their destinations safely and on time. Monitoring systems can provide real-time updates on journey progress, enabling immediate intervention in case of any unexpected situations or emergencies.


Download the full report now to find out why one in three business travellers feel that their safety is not prioritised by their organisation.

This comprehensive report is a result of independent research, commissioned by CMAC Group, to review the use of taxis for corporate travel and the extent to which organisations are taking necessary steps to improve duty of care across their organisation. 500 business travellers took part in this research.

At CMAC Group, we believe that a proactive approach to employee duty of care during business travel not only protects your employees, but it enhances their wellbeing.

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