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Beyond Delays: Insights from Peter Slater, CMAC Group CEO, on Navigating Challenges and Enhancing Passenger Experience Amidst Rising Disruptions

Posted Jan 31, 2024

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In this article, Peter Slater, CEO of CMAC Group, offers valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that shape the landscape of the UK's travel sector. Peter plays a pivotal role in guiding CMAC's efforts to provide innovative solutions and support to airlines during times of disruption.

Disruptions in the aviation industry are on the rise, and recent events, from airspace congestion to staff shortages, have exacerbated the situation. Delays and cancellations are now becoming the new normal, causing stress and financial burdens for both airlines and passengers.

It's crucial to acknowledge that, amidst these disruptions, countless successful journeys take place daily. However, unfortunately passengers and the media often tend to focus on the negative aspects.

Our recent survey of 1,100 UK adults uncovered a concerning trend. Most people feel that travel disruptions have gotten worse, and many believe airlines aren't doing enough to handle them. Passengers are often left covering expenses during delays, leading to a drop in customer loyalty. Nearly half of UK travellers say these negative experiences make them less likely to choose that particular airline in the future. This poses a risk to revenue and highlights the need for change.

At CMAC, we stand with airlines to provide solutions that support operations and strive to improve the overall passenger experience during challenging times. Our data highlights a clear opportunity for improvement. While technology plays a vital role in booking and check-in processes, passengers expect a human touch when disruptions occur. Our survey shows that 82% of passengers prefer real-person assistance during disruptions.

Ground staff, as the face of the airline during disruptions, can significantly minimise passenger frustrations. Their knowledge and empathy go a long way in improving the customer experience, showcasing the importance of a well-informed and supportive team.

We at CMAC understand the challenges disruptions pose and offer solutions to help airlines navigate them effectively. Our disruption management solution aims to secure passenger re-accommodation and ground transport seamlessly, preventing passengers from feeling stranded.

By combining progressive technology with skilled operational staff, CMAC empowers passengers to find and book alternative travel or hotel options on their terms, with the reassurance of 24/7 support. Live dashboards provide airlines with full visibility and control, enabling informed decisions and swift responses to changing situations.

We are certain that a better approach to dealing with disruptions is within reach. By prioritising the human touch and leveraging technology as an enabler, airlines can not only address disruptions effectively but also win the long-term loyalty of passengers. It's time for the industry to embrace a holistic strategy that combines the strengths of both human expertise and technological innovation.

Improve your passenger satisfaction and protect your brand during disruptions.

Established in 2007, CMAC Group is a leader in managing flight disruption for airlines. We have a track record of innovation and excellence, successfully creating a more connected passenger experience during disruption. This has played a pivotal role in helping airlines protect their brand and reputation.

CMAC is dedicated to breaking down the complexity of disruption management and streamlining processes, delivering a fuss-free and reliable single-source solution. We help airline clients deliver the best possible passenger experience, no matter the situation.

Explore the complete range of CMAC's industry-leading ground transportation services by downloading our full whitepaper. Gain valuable insights into passenger pain points and learn how airlines can enhance their service delivery to foster long-term loyalty.

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