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Beyond Technology: Why Combining People and Tech is the Key to Transport Solutions

Posted Feb 20, 2023

Beyond technology Why combining people and tech is the key to transport solutions

Is the ground transportation industry in danger of becoming too reliant on technology?

Technology already plays a significant role in transporting people from A to B and, as more advanced systems become available, it would be easy for providers to believe they can remove people entirely from the transport planning equation.

There’s no doubt technology can help provide a fast, reliable, and cost-effective service. That’s why CMAC has invested more than £3million in building technology that smooths processes, enhances the user experience.

Our technology supports our 24/7/365 multi-site service delivery specialists, enabling them to track all journeys in real-time, manage bookings on behalf of clients all while ensuring they are adhering to the client company travel policy. Our technology also allows travellers to track their vehicles online, request new, as well as manage existing bookings.

Technology does have its limitations. Even the most sophisticated algorithm can’t incorporate all the “unknown unknowns” that can result in travellers, especially more vulnerable travellers, being stranded or in need of the responsive and empathetic support only another human can provide. And what about travellers stuck in locations with limited internet connectivity? That’s a problem for which no app yet devised can provide a solution.

With CMAC, customers don’t have to choose between technology and customer support. For us, it’s both - technology and personal customer service and support, not one or the other. Because we believe the best and safest option you can offer travellers combines easy-to-use technology, with round the clock access to support and customer service provided by a well-trained and dedicated team of people

The human touch is needed more often than you might think. As a global provider, out of all the bookings CMAC handles in a year, which equates to 2 million+ passengers, around 40% require human intervention.

We know that ensuring passengers arrive at their destination safely, with as little stress as possible regardless of any problems encountered along the way, can be make or break for a business.

By choosing CMAC as your ground transport partner you – and your staff or customers – can be sure help is always available, 24 hours a day via the CMAC app, phone, email, or live chat – via our unique combination of technology solutions and well-trained, experienced people.

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