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Finding a transport provider that exceeds your business travel needs

Posted Sep 08, 2022

CMAC Corporate Travel

In an increasingly complex world where uncertainty is normal; sourcing safe, consistently reliable transport options for employees’ business travel and commuting is hugely important.

Ensuring your teams always arrive onsite safely and on time — wherever they’re needed — could be make or break for your company. While competition is ramping up in every industry and contracts hinge on your people always being in place to get the job done, managing your employees effectively is a must.

It means that you must commission a travel provider that delivers a top-notch staff transport service every single time.

Whether it’s a one-off executive minibus or a regular coach hire arrangement on a long-term basis, you need a vendor with an array of service options to hand to exceed your business travel needs.

So what should you look for in a provider?

1. Round-the-clock availability

The right travel provider should be available to you at short notice, 24/7, every day of the year. Having round-the-clock support means that your employees are looked after regardless of time or place. And if you ever need to make last-minute amendments to arrangements or require additional support, they’ll be there to ensure the job is done to your precise requirements.

2. Extensive supply chains

A good ground travel provider has long-standing, strategic relationships with nationwide and international networks of top, vetted local suppliers.

With access to a huge supply of vehicles — both in quantity and type — the headaches associated with moving a significant number of people are taken away. Knowing you can receive the right transport at the right time provides peace of mind and gives employees the most suitable option for travel.

3. Complementary tech

Business travellers now value tech more than ever before, so partnering with a travel provider that is able to offer cutting-edge technology is vital. Tech solutions make it easier for travel managers to make bookings, check transfer details and set spending levels via user-friendly, purpose-built portals.

This means everything is fully managed and includes true cost transparency. Furthermore, to ensure time is freed up from tedious administration, vehicles from multiple supplier contracts should be organised and coordinated by the right travel provider.

This is where tech plays a hugely important role in delivering successful business travel. However, it shouldn’t be relied upon solely, as it is no secret that things don’t always go to plan when it comes to transport.

A good travel partner is able to utilise tech to make bookings and admin more efficient, but will support this with real-life customer interaction. If something goes wrong, or you have specific transport needs, being able to speak with someone can be the difference between a successful trip or an unsuccessful one. Finding a travel provider that balances valuable tech with reliable customer service can be crucial.

Ensuring your provider also has GPS tracking will ensure additional peace of mind, and enable you to manage and monitor passenger journeys, as you need.

4. No one-size-fits-all approach

No two organisations are alike, so flexible, tailored solutions that are built around a firm’s specific business goals can add real value to a corporate travel solution. Find a partner who will work with you personally to deliver a bespoke solution for all of your business needs, as well as be able to work to any scenario and get everyone where they need to be.

As the world of corporate travel continues to evolve, now is a great time to reassess how you support your employees’ transport needs. With consumer habits changing and business approaches to operations being reviewed to find efficiencies and commit to a sustainable future, partnering with a suitable corporate transport provider can remove the burden from managers and ensure that your people get where they need to be in a safe and efficient manner.

Make your transport simple with CMAC

So, if you want to improve the employee experience you offer with smart commuting options and a safe post-pandemic return to work, we’ll get you there.

CMAC operates with a trusted list of suppliers, giving us access to a fleet of vehicles to suit your needs — from taxis to MPVs. Our centralised hub brings all employee journeys under one roof, allowing us to streamline your booking and management processes. This gives you the power to monitor and locate travelling employees in real-time, as well as view your journey history.

To learn more about how CMAC can cater to all your travel provider needs, reliably and safely with maximum convenience, please submit your details here and a member of our team will get back to you.

Alternatively, give us a call on 03333 207 100.

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