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How to leverage a managed transport provider to maximise savings on crew travel

Posted Aug 01, 2023

Crew and Transport Accommodation

For cruise and airline staff, life is an ever-moving adventure. With frequent trips abroad, coordinating crew travel can become complex and demanding.

Ensuring that your team reaches their next destination promptly and well-rested is essential for seamless operations. Thankfully, managed transport providers offer a valuable solution to streamline crew travel logistics and maximise savings.

In this blog, we'll explore how leveraging such services can revolutionise crew travel management.

The challenges of crew travel

Crew members are constantly on the go, travelling worldwide to various ports, airports, and stations. Efficiently coordinating their transportation and accommodation efficiently is critical for smooth crew rotations and uninterrupted services. Some of the main challenges of crew travel include:

Meeting tight schedules

Airline and cruise schedules are tightly planned, leaving little room for delays or travel disruptions. Delays or disruptions in travel can have cascading effects on crew rotations and service delivery. Crew members must reach their designated locations on time to avoid service interruptions and inconveniences for passengers.

Ensuring rest and well-being

Crew members' well-being and rest are vital to perform their duties effectively. Fatigue from long journeys can reduce productivity and impact overall team performance. Ensuring their well-being and adequate rest is crucial for their safety, health, and overall job performance.

Last-minute changes

The dynamic nature of the travel industry means that schedules can change unexpectedly due to weather conditions, mechanical issues, or unforeseen events. Accommodating last-minute changes and providing alternative travel options can be challenging without a well-organised system in place.

The role of managed transport providers

Managed transport providers, like CMAC, specialise in solving crew travel challenges. They offer comprehensive transport and accommodation solutions designed for cruise liners and airlines. Here's how they make a difference:

Efficient planning and execution

Managed transport providers leverage advanced technology and operating systems to simplify complex logistical planning. Automated booking systems based on crew schedules and locations ensure smooth travel arrangements.

Optimising cost and time

By identifying opportunities for taxi-sharing and choosing the most suitable and cost-effective transportation options, managed transport providers help maximise savings on crew travel expenses.

24/7 support and assistance

Many managed transport providers offer 24/7 support and assistance to address any travel-related emergencies or last-minute changes. This constant availability ensures that crew members are taken care of, even in challenging situations, and helps mitigate disruptions to travel plans.

Compliance and Duty of Care

Crew travel is subject to strict industry regulations and guidelines, especially concerning rest hours and duty of care for crew members. Managed transport providers are well-versed in these regulations and ensure adherence to them throughout the travel planning process. This helps prevent compliance-related issues and ensures that crew members receive the necessary rest and support to perform their duties safely and effectively.

Personalised service

A dedicated managed transport provider can offer personalised service tailored to the client company's and its crew members' specific needs and preferences. They can create customised travel itineraries, taking into account individual crew member requirements.

Benefits of managed transport providers

Managed transport providers offer several benefits to businesses that need to manage crew travel.

Here are some key advantages of using a managed transport provider:

Enhanced crew well-being

Managed transport providers streamline the travel process, reducing the administrative burden on crew members. By handling complex logistics, crew members can focus on their duties and experience less stress during transit, improving well-being and readiness for their tasks.

On-time performance

Timeliness is crucial in the travel industry, especially for crew rotations. Managed providers prioritise promptness, ensuring crew members arrive at their destinations on time, minimising service disruptions and delays.

Flexibility and adaptability

Dealing with last-minute changes becomes more manageable with the expertise of managed providers. They can quickly adjust travel plans to accommodate unforeseen circumstances.


By optimising transport options and minimising unnecessary expenses, managed providers help companies save significantly on crew travel costs.

Dedicated support and 24/7 assistance

Managed transport providers offer dedicated support and round-the-clock assistance. Whether it's handling travel-related emergencies or providing guidance, crew members and travel managers can rely on their expertise and support at any time.

Improved travel experience

By streamlining travel arrangements, providing personalised services, and optimising routes, managed providers contribute to an overall improved travel experience for crew members. This positive experience enhances crew satisfaction and motivation, leading to better job performance.

Data analytics and reporting

Managed transport providers analyse travel data and generate insightful reports. These reports offer valuable insights into travel patterns, expenses, and opportunities for further optimisation, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve their crew travel management strategies.

Managed transport providers offer a lifeline by simplifying logistics, ensuring crew well-being, and optimising costs. By partnering with experts, companies can focus on delivering exceptional services while leaving the complexities of crew travel in capable hands.

CMAC excels in this field. CMAC’s services ensure that your crew reaches their destinations, whether ports or stations across the UK, promptly and without any hassle. With full visibility of your team's whereabouts from start to finish, you'll always have the information you need at your fingertips.

Exploring these options empowers businesses to make informed decisions that lead to smoother crew operations and ultimately enhance the overall customer experience. So, next time your crew embarks on their journey, consider the benefits of leveraging a managed transport provider for a seamless and cost-effective travel experience.

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