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Introducing our new mindful travel partner, Trees4Travel

Posted Jun 20, 2022

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We’re excited to announce that CMAC is now partnered with Trees4Travel, the leading change champions, and together we’re launching a project to achieve carbon-neutral, trackable, business travel.

Through the partnership, Trees4Travel will calculate and grow the number of trees necessary to absorb the CO2 emissions produced by CMAC employees during travel, alongside facilities and events, helping to restore eco-systems, biodiversity, and support indigenous communities through employment.

CMAC customers can now also benefit from the partnership, with the firm able to facilitate tree growing projects on their behalf, neutralising emissions based on the journeys their travellers take through their managed ground transport solutions.

How does growing trees neutralise my travel emissions?

The concept is super simple. Growing trees has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective ways to offset carbon emissions and combat the negative impact of travel.

Amongst other human activity, travel causes damaging carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere. This then causes heat to get trapped and global temperatures to rise, whilst also reducing the air quality through pollution.

This collaboration means we can now plant and grow trees, facilitated by Trees4Travel, to absorb these emissions and help to repair the planet.

CMAC provide carbon emissions reporting allowing clients to easily see the carbon footprint of any ride, booked, and managed by CMAC.

Why Trees4Travel?

With rigorous requirements in place, Trees4Travel only grow trees which have the highest environmental and social impact, ensuring they are native to a region, boosting biodiversity and restoring natural environments.

Trees4Travel also seeks to improve the livelihood of communities through reforestation, with a focus on helping people out of poverty in developing countries through employment.

For every tree grown, we also receive a share of an investment into a United Nations Certified Emissions Reduction renewable energy program, enabling an even quicker route to supporting the planet’s climate positive future.

Supporting our clients approaches to sustainability

Our partnership with Trees4Travels forms part of our wider sustainability strategy, which has seen CMAC receive ISO 14001 accreditation.

CMAC calculates the entire ground transport carbon footprint in one simple dashboard, allowing clients to gain greater insights into their CO2 emissions and build a strategy to reduce this.

Alongside Trees4Travel and carbon reporting, we have additional environmental initiatives which support our clients’ approaches to sustainability, whilst still ensuring they have access to flexible vehicle solutions and full location coverage.

For example, CMAC already ensures the allocation of the nearest vehicle to every pickup location to help reduce dead mileage and emissions.

Alongside this, customers can also request rideshare options as well as electric or hybrid taxi and private hire vehicles, where possible, to reduce the emissions of their journey.

Get involved today

With responsible travel high on the agenda for businesses all over the globe, our latest solution offers clients an accountable and tangible carbon positive scheme that will help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Through this partnership, you’ll be able to:

✓ decarbonise your ground travel

✓ improve the livelihood of communities through reforestation

✓ invest into developing countries to help people lift themselves out of poverty

✓ go beyond just carbon neutrality to fast-track & help reverse climate change

Want to know more about how CMAC can support your sustainable travel policy? Talk to our team:

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