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Solve Crew Travel and Accommodation Problems With The Right Transport Provider

Posted Dec 20, 2022

Solve Crew Travel and Accommodation Problems With The Right Transport Provider

Cruise and airline staff are usually on the move. So ensuring that they’re where they should be, when they should be, on their frequent overseas trips is a complex, demanding operation.

If the daunting logistical challenge isn’t managed properly, it can lead to travel disruption and delays, much wasted time and money, reputational damage, and poor staff wellbeing.

These needn’t be a worry with the right managed transport provider in place. An effective, experienced partner can keep everything running smoothly, maximising crew management and savings.

So what should you look for in a travel management company?

Extensive experience

For the best, safest outcomes, seek an operator with many years of experience supporting scheduled crew movement. Its fully managed transport and accommodation service should rely on an established, proven network of hotels and ground transport companies it genuinely trusts.

Duty of Care

Identify solutions that will help meet your Duty of Care values, particularly in tracking Hours of Rest, so you’re always compliant with the rest times demanded by the ITF. Also, if your transport partner has a proven track record of getting crews to their next shift on time, this will provide peace of mind that you won’t lose vital working hours.

Complex planning made simple

Seek a purpose-built operating system that makes complex logistical planning simple. Ask your provider if they are able to import cruise and airline crew diagrams, which can then be used to create automatic bookings based on their locations and shift patterns.

Added value

Demand added-value efficiencies, such as automatic identification of taxi-sharing opportunities and the allocation of the most suitable supplier, based on specific requirements. Ask if its system can even drill down to select the most appropriate vehicle types per job, only confirming those that fit within your budget.

Pre-journey analysis

Call for a pre-journey analysis, which you can split by port or station to see where your crews are travelling from and how long they will take. Quiz the transport provider on how well it can react to last-minute amendments driven by your shifting requirements, such as ad hoc rota or schedule changes.

Choosing CMAC as your managed transport provider

At CMAC, we excel at delivering crew transport and accommodation for cruise liners and airlines. We’ll get your people to and from airports, ports, and train stations nationwide and on their way to where they’re needed on time and without stressful delays.

We take care of all the booking and logistics for you, always matching you with the perfect supplier for your traveller’s needs. All bookings will be HOR and ITF compliant and any last-minute changes can be handled with ease and no business disruptions.

Our unique, transparent service shows where all crews are from start to finish, so you’ll be able to access vital information at your fingertips.

To find out more about our crew transport and accommodation offer, get in touch with our team of experts today. Complete our contact form and we’ll come back to you quickly. We’re available 24/7 so, if you prefer, call us on 03333 207 100.

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