The Client

During Beast from the East we worked with many organisations including major airlines, ground handlers, rail operators and roadside assistance companies.

The Challenge

Between the 24th February and the 4th March 2018, the UK was hit by Arctic weather which was dubbed ‘Beast from the East.’  During this time CMAC assisted with moving over 100,000 people and booking 15,000 hotel rooms.

The Solution

In order to deal with the influx of requests (the highest volume that CMAC had ever dealt with) a number of additional processes were put in place.

Our technology played a big part in ensuring that calls and requests were dealt with efficiently. 

We emailed and texted our clients to remind them to use the online booking portal, rather than calling in to our call centre. 

Our call volumes were high and enabling clients to book online meant they didn’t need to wait for a call to be answered.

Similarly, we reminded all client front line operations staff that they could use the Live tracker app to view in realtime their ground transport and arrival times.

During this exceptionally busy time, CMAC brought in more colleagues to deal with the unprecedented call volumes.  This in itself proved a huge challenge as our head office in Lancashire was also severely hit by bad weather.  Colleagues walked several miles to reach work, whilst others (who had 4x4 vehicles) went to collect stranded colleagues.  Our people are genuinely committed to helping each other and our clients.

The head office then suffered another major issue, the heating broke! However, committed as ever our colleagues put on their coats and gloves and kept answering the phones!

The severe weather caused mass disruption across the country leaving many train and airline passengers stranded and in need of assistance.

Here are some statistics displaying how CMAC supported both the train and airline industry during one of their worst periods of disruption:


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