The Client

We worked with several airlines and ground handling agents at Gatwick Airport.

The Challenge

On the 17th July 2017 Gatwick Airport had to close its main runway twice after an Air Canada plane burst a tyre during take off. This caused flights to be diverted to a number of different airports. Many passengers who were waiting in Gatwick to depart on flights, found that they had been delayed to the next day. This disruption was on an unprescedented scale and at one of the busiest travel times of the year.

The Solution

After we received notifications from ground handling companies and airlines, CMAC provided emergency coach transport for those passengers who were diverted to Bournemouth and Stanstead airports. In some cases we were asked to provide hotel accommodation too.

Yasmin Brannan, CMAC’s Service Deliver Manager said:

“We have a great network of suppliers who supported us through this extremely busy period. It was great team effort and working together with the ground handlers and airlines we were able to help the disrupted passengers.”

In total CMAC sourced almost 4000 hotel rooms for displaced passengers and moved 5053 passengers in 72 coaches/11 minibuses/ 300 taxis.


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