The Client

Gateshead Council received a recommendation from one of our existing local authority clients to contact us for assistance during a recent emergency, which we were able to help with within minutes of receiving the request.


The Challenge

CMAC received a call from Gateshead Council asking if we could help them find accommodation for evacuated residents, who’d been forced to leave their properties due to a fire. After initially being evacuated to the nearby civic centre, the families needed hotel accommodation arranging for a few days whilst their apartment block was assessed.

moores forest fire


The Solution

After the initial call from the council representative asking if we could help, we made a few preliminary calls to understand availability in the area.  Due to logistics and communication priorities it was important to try to keep the families together, and the CMAC team were keen to find a hotel that could accommodate them.

Within 20 minutes, we had found a hotel, just 6 miles away that had suitable rooms for the evacuees requiring accommodation. We then placed a courtesy call to our contact at Gateshead Council to say that we were able to arrange the room and dining requirements, if they still needed to go ahead.

Within the hour this was confirmed and we arranged accommodation and meals for the displaced residents for the following three days.


Tony Alder, Incident Controller for Gateshead Council during this incident commented,

"Can I say a huge thank you to you for going above and beyond under difficult circumstances, it was greatly appreciated by me and our senior directors”.


Ashley Seed, Head of Business Development at CMAC said,

"Our connections within the hotel industry meant we were able to find rooms quickly for Gateshead Council.  It was a pleasure to work with them and we are very happy that we could help the families at a time that was very distressing for them."

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