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How to attract and retain top talent through business travel

Posted May 09, 2024

How to attract and retain top talent through business travel


It is important for any company's succession to recognise that to attract and retain a proficient workforce, their employees must feel valued and connected to their organisation. With the increasing competitivity of today’s job market, business travel is proving to be prevalent criteria considered by candidates when expressing interest in employment opportunities.

This blog highlights how the components of an effective corporate travel management programme can support your business by retaining and attracting top talent.

1. Embrace ‘Bleisure Travel’

Bleisure travel is a term used to describe a trip that combines both business and leisure and is usually practised by business travellers before or after work commitments. This notion allows your business travellers to ‘wind down’, providing a great opportunity to boost employee morale and enhance the quality of work achieved, creating increased job satisfaction and strengthening your employee's retention and engagement within the company.

As you can imagine, this concept, provided by corporate travel management, is revolutionising the way business travel is perceived and is a desired benefit for not only potential candidates but existing employees.

2. Offer Meaningful Travel Opportunities

Business travel highlights opportunities for professional growth and development to prospective candidates and existing employees. Ranging from attending conferences, networking or exhibition events in local or global destinations, these are enticing prospects to motivate and fuel an ambitious workforce.

Both as a company and an employer, it’s imperative that you offer learning and training resources, and through efficient corporate travel management, this offers a seamless, stress-free way of transporting your travellers from A to B, guaranteeing the possibilities to further their progression and prospects within your company.

3. Invest in your Employee

Investing in your current employees' development and well-being will not only reduce turnover but will also help your company acquire new talent. When an employee is travelling on behalf of your organisation, they are ultimately the face and representative of what your company embodies. Therefore, it is in the best interest of both parties that, as an employer, you have adequately supported your traveller so that they are well rested and comfortable.

For instance, corporate travel management programmes can cultivate a positive work environment even when working remotely by facilitating appropriate hotel accommodation with business-related amenities such as strong Wi-Fi and access to work-space areas, this will promote productivity and better quality of work in an enhanced employee experience and illustrates how their welfare is considered, which in turn, strengthens the employee-to-employer relationship.

4. Ensure Risk Management

The safety of employees utilising business travel is without a doubt the primary consideration for any company and must come second to none. Although the principle of business travel is exciting, there are also counteractive factors that can cause stress and uneasiness when navigating through unfamiliar territory. Comprehensive corporate travel management alongside an easily accessible travel policy can alleviate these negative impressions as they provide comfort to your people.

Risk assessments should be conducted before business travel to identify potential risks and to allow strategies to be implemented in preparation for any unforeseen circumstances. Companies which demonstrate this form of due diligence are more inclined to attain and retain employees.

In addition, an informative, user-friendly travel policy should not be a tool which is overlooked as its function advises your travellers on details concerning transport, accommodation and emergency procedures, therefore instilling confidence in the business travel process.

5. Welcome Feedback

It goes without saying that the heart of every thriving company is its people, and promoting an honest and transparent reporting culture plays a vital role in strengthening the communication between an organisation and its employees.

Soliciting surveys and questionnaires encourages proactive feedback and reinforces that their experience of business travel is valued and any variables that need improving are acted on.

Look no further...

Exercising a strategic corporate management programme for when your people are on the move will contribute to your company's success gastronomically. By tailoring your investments to the needs of your team, this boasts loyalty and engagement, and ultimately encompasses the importance of employee travel experience. Furthermore, this renewed focus on employee satisfaction will attract new talent as your company fosters a positive working environment.

That’s why at CMAC, as experts in corporate travel management,we have a driven team of experts who are dedicated to working round the clock, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, to ensure that our people are moving your people. Our extensive network of trustworthy suppliers means we can guarantee efficiency when transporting your employees from A to B, allowing you the time to optimise your business objectives.

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