The Client



Rentokil Initial is one of the largest business services companies in the world, providing pest control, hygiene and work wear services.

The Challenge

 When Rentokil Initial undertook a relocation of its Dudley office to Birmingham it decided to offer transport for employees affected by the move for a transitional period, to allow them time to adjust to the new location, and contacted CMAC to arrange an interim minibus service.


The Solution

 CMAC provided minibuses for a Monday to Friday service, transporting staff 15 miles from Dudley to Birmingham and home again. Initially the six-month rolling contract required an 18-seater minibus but as staff adjusted and made their own arrangements etc. the requirement fell. With mid-term flexibility built into the contract Rentokil was able to modify the contract and realise a saving by moving to a smaller vehicle. After nearly three years, the service was no longer required.

Reliability, getting staff to and from work punctually, was crucial to the success to the contract. CMAC worked closely with the minibus operator, tracking arrival time at the premises etc. and ensuring that weight of traffic, road works etc. did not impact on journeys.

CMAC’s supplier network helps it to achieve a high level of customer service; for example, when a vehicle was unavoidably delayed in a traffic jam en route to Rentokil CMAC was able to swiftly dispatch a second vehicle and minimise delays. Over the period of the contract there were no avoidable delays in the service.


"I would like to thank you for your excellent service and support over the years."

Tim Warry, UK Group Fleet Manager, Rentokil Initial Plc