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Why airlines need a specialist ground transport provider

Posted Dec 20, 2022

Why airlines need a specialist ground transport provider

Air travel is a multi-faceted process fraught with logistical challenges.

All it takes to cause serious disruption to one or more flights is a single link in a complex chain of events to go wrong — something like a pilot or crew member calling in sick, or the knock-on effect of cabin crews and passengers being delayed between connections — sending flight schedules into turmoil.

Even the best laid and most flexible plans will struggle to accommodate events known in the insurance trade as “Force Majeure”; which includes unforeseeable events such as natural disasters, civil unrest, ‘acts of God’, industrial action and terrorist attacks.

How disruptions affect airlines

Departure delays, journey diversions and last-minute cancellations cost the industry billions of pounds annually — and, when handled badly, they can damage the airline’s brand reputation.

But what can airlines do? There are so many variables that can cause disruption, airlines may be tempted to regard delays as inevitable and beyond their control.

It’s a dangerous assumption because it fails to take passenger perception, and satisfaction, into account.

Passengers do not care about the reason they’ve missed their connection, or are stuck waiting for hours, possibly days in a foreign airport. They’ve been inconvenienced, they’re disappointed, and they may even have missed an event or an important business meeting. It’s only natural they’ll want somebody to blame and that will, inevitably, be the possibly blameless carrier.

As far as passengers are concerned, the airline remains responsible for getting them to their destination and if that’s not possible, ensuring their comfort, safety and satisfaction remains the airline’s responsibility. This could mean getting them to a different airport, providing accommodation or even mounting recovery and repatriation missions.

A partnership with a specialist ground transport provider will provide invaluable, on-call support for all day-to-day requirements, such as staff transport. However, a skilled experienced partner is equally essential when serious disruption occurs — which it does, predictably and frequently — to take the strain and give peace of mind with quick, efficient, and cost-effective remedies to keep people moving.

When seen to do so elegantly and competently, it will enhance airlines’ reputations massively. Customers often measure organisations more on how well they react when things go wrong than when everything’s plain sailing — or plain flying.

How the right provider can resolve disruptions

Look for a partner who can point to an award-winning service that employs an internationally tried-and-trusted network of transport suppliers and hoteliers. In addition, demand a specialist Account Management Team that works with you constantly to stay abreast of your business’s unique needs, so that the most suitable solution is always put in place.

An experienced 24/7 Service Delivery Team should be on hand to secure vehicles and arrange transport and accommodation at the shortest notice.

Specify a combined technology and expert personal experience, so that disruptions are managed to your bespoke requirements.

With a reassuring international reach for consistent, round-the-clock support in any location, you’ll benefit in many ways. This include unparalleled market knowledge, excellent working relations with suppliers and the keenest prices without the bother of maintaining a database of vetted hotels, taxis, and coach operators.

On top of all that, they can stop costs racking up with fixed day rates.

What we do

At CMAC, we understand that every second counts when your planned flight schedule is thrown into disarray. Our seamless remedies see that the impacts of these events are minimised for passengers and crews.

With many years of experience, we have in-depth disruption management knowledge to ensure that you’re ready to respond effectively and immediately when disruption strikes.

Our Delay and Divert Solutions enable you to invoke instant mass transport and accommodation provisions when a flight is cancelled, delayed or diverted to a different airport.

We shoulder the entire administrative burden, contacting suppliers instantly with your requirements so your only focus is resuming flight services as soon as possible. Whether you’re faced with planned diversions or emergency delays, we’ll secure the vehicles and accommodation you need to guarantee the welfare and comfort of your crew and passengers, however complex your requirements may be.

We’ll also significantly reduce EU261 claims made against you and press attention, to protect both your finances and your reputation. Everything we do is geared toward preserving the loyalty and approval ratings of your customers and staff, maximising your future success.

Our always-on, truly international operation ensures that wherever in the world disruption hits, we and our suppliers are ready to set in motion a peerless range of recovery and repatriation services at the most competitive fixed costs, straight away.

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