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Case Studies

Crew and Driver Transport - GW Freightliner

Posted Sep 29, 2021


The client

Freightliner, a subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (G&W) is the leading UK intermodal rail freight operator for the transportation of maritime containers.

The challenge

Freightliner required a reliable nationwide solution to transport their drivers and crew members to and from stations and work sites.

As their crew members play a pivotal role in the transportation industry, it is crucial that they can get to their starting points safely and on time and return home after their route is completed.

The solution needed to have live vehicle availability 24/7/365 days a year with capability for freight drivers and control staff to easily book taxis online.

The solution

CMAC provides a cost-effective centralised transport solution to Freightliner, empowering them with the ability to book nationwide taxi journeys with ease, either in advance or on demand.

CMACs specialist rail division is committed to getting crew where they need to be, on time and safely.

Our extensive industry experience means we can easily tailor our service and streamline our processes to align with the individual timetables and schedules of rail staff, ensuring they’re always where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Leveraging CMACs unrivalled network of approved and certified suppliers, Freightliner book on average 9,000 taxi journeys each quarter, ensuring their crew can travel to and from work sites and stations at any time.

Our crew transport services ensure Freightliner remain compliant with workplace regulations, and our robust onboarding and compliance process provides ongoing peace of mind to their employees and travel manager that each taxi driver is vetted and approved, ensuring a consistently safe and reliable transport service.

Freightliner's drivers and control staff can create and manage the taxi bookings through our app feature, with end-to-end visibility on all journeys including real-time vehicle tracking.

We also integrated a feature which flags any taxi journeys that are over 75 miles, as these are to be approved in advance by Freightliner to ensure a taxi is the most cost effective/viable option for the traveller.

CMACs consolidated booking and invoicing system significantly reduces administration, delivering consistent, transparent costs across all journeys.

CMAC have been an asset to Freightliner, aiding us in keeping services running even during the harder days of Covid. I would highly recommend the CMAC service. The app is brilliant and very easy to use providing full view for our drivers making booking, the whole process is great from start to finish.

Rachel Shard

Transport & Fleet Team Leader, Freightliner Group Limited

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