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Case Studies

The Moorland Fires

Posted Jul 21, 2021

2018_MoorlandFires_Photograph: Sergeant Donald Todd (RLC)/PA

The Client

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) is one of the largest outside of London with over 2,100 employees and 41 fire stations. It is part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

The Challenge

In 2018 hundreds of firefighters from all over the country spent weeks battling devastating moorland fires which covered vast areas of land across multiple locations in the North of England.

Firefighters declared a major incident and crews launched a “large scale attack” which required support from the Army to help extinguish the fires.

With 28 fire engines, several helicopters, and hundreds of personnel tackling the fires it was an exceptionally challenging time for all.

In the midst of the disruption CMAC was called upon to safely transport and accommodate those involved in the operation.

The Solution

CMAC responded quickly to the initial emergency invocation call from GMRFS, securing accommodation close to the incident in under 15 minutes.

As additional support was drafted in by GMFRS to assist with the large-scale attack, CMAC’s role expanded to include transport of personnel from incident centres alongside securing additional accommodation.

CMAC’s team of specially trained industry experts communicated with GMFRS HQ alongside other fire services to co-ordinate all requirements.

Due to CMAC’s close relationships with suppliers, we were able to provide a unique and flexible solution to the situation. A key consideration was for the hotels to provide recreational spaces for firefighters to dine and relax in between the 12 hours shifts.

Alongside transport and accommodation, CMAC organised hundreds of meals to be delivered over the three-week period.

As there were multiple incidents at various locations, CMAC were also called to invoke Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) emergency recovery plan. Again, requiring transport and accommodation close to the incident with recreational space and meals provided.

Having the contract in place made operating OPCON and being the ‘host’ Fire and Rescue Service orders of magnitude easier than it otherwise could have been – a real step forward, thank you!

Kim Larter, LFRS’s Head of Training and Operational Review

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

The Stats

During the 21 day battle to stop the fires CMAC seamlessly booked and coordinated 400 journeys in specialist vehicles as well as 1,500 rooms, all during peak holiday season.

Taxi icon 400


Hotel icon 1500

Hotel Rooms


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