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Supporting the Civil Nuclear Constabulary

Posted Aug 31, 2021

Civil Nuclear Constabulary

The Client

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) is the armed police force in charge of protecting civil nuclear sites and materials in England, Scotland, and Wales. Counter-terrorism is a major part of their policing and they employ over 1,500 police officers.

The Challenge

The changing landscape in the resilience sector and the increased threat from terrorism in the UK, combined with the challenges that have been faced in responding to and defeating planned attacks, led the CNC to procure a comprehensive managed transport solution provider.

The CNC require fast and reliable transport to enable mass deployment of Police Authorised Firearms Officers across the UK.

An award-winning solution

CMAC worked closely with CNC’s resilience team to develop a detailed and robust contingency plan for their emergency transport requirements.

Our team of business continuity experts understood the necessity to mobilise CNC personnel rapidly, often at very short notice and across multiple locations. Through simulated testing we were able to refine the plan to improve response times before responding successfully to real-life emergency events.

In 2017 the CNC invoked their crisis plan at very short notice, deploying over 800 officers across two deployments to 23 different Home Office force areas in a matter of hours under Operation Temperer. The operation was part of a government plan to deploy officers in key locations following a major terrorist attack or severe public disorder.

CMAC’s work, in partnership with the CNC, has been recognised externally at the Business Continuity Awards where the collaboration won the accolade of “Strategy through Partnership”.

With the intimate support of CMAC we deployed at very short notice.  The critical element in the success of this deployment was the hard work and detailed planning which went into this contingency plan and the close working relationship we have with CMAC. They understood our needs and delivered our people to the locations from which they were able to conduct their armed policing tasks. This was truly a joint endeavour.

Mike Griffiths

Chief Constable, Civil Nuclear Constabulary

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